How To Have A Great Solo Holiday Whatever Your Age

Great Solo Holiday

Going on holiday is no longer just for couples and families. These days, more and more single people are venturing further afield and enjoying their annual vacation alone. Read these tips on how you can do the same.

Not having a holiday partner to go away with is no longer any excuse to sit at home. Any stigma that may previously have attached to singles partaking in any kind of activity has long vanished and in its place a rise of a growing army of lone travellers determined to make the most of their freedom and celebrate their single status in solo exploration of the world.

Popular Singles’ Holiday Destinations

Destinations in Europe remain popular travel haunts for the single traveller. Countries with plenty of history and with plenty of things to do and see will always be highly sought-after places to go for the single traveller wishing to keep occupied. Countries such as France, (well-known for its vineyards and artistic culture) are is a good choice for singles wishing to take tours. More recently, countries such as Turkey or Egypt have found favour among singles travellers, whilst always close to the top of the list are trips to the United States of America. Activities, sights, sounds and scenery are so diverse across the vast USA that it’s a country that will never bore.

Do’s And Don’ts In Bars And Restaurants

The world may be more receptive to women travelling alone, but there are still certain areas or certain times which remain more difficult to negotiate than others. Going into bars or restaurants alone are two of those things.

Holidays For Singles With Trek America

In bars, it is best to choose to go mid-afternoon rather than late in the evening. In mid-afternoon, you’re more likely to look like a traveller just taking a casual break than someone looking for a partner. In restaurants, try to choose a busy restaurant, since you’re more likely to be asked to share a table with someone else who is also eating alone.

Top Reasons For Going It Alone

According to a recent survey done for the reasons behind which people travel alone, it seems that wanting to find love is the top answer. Next comes wishing to get a tan, followed closely by making new friendships. Also high on the list is learning a new sporting activity and trying new foods. Experiencing new cultures and ways of life also feature highly and this may be easier to accomplish if you’re travelling alone since you have only yourself to please regarding what you see and what you do.

Singles Holidays To Big Sur

Group Holidays

Exploring new ventures and locations may be easier when the experience is shared with others in a similar situation. America is one of the most popular destinations for people wishing to take a singles tour.

Whether you choose the west coast with tours to Las Vegas or Los Angeles, or you take a shopping tour in the east, exploring cities such as New York, specialised holiday companies exist to ensure your introduction to the solo holiday scene is a pleasant one.


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