How to start your own country

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Some days one awakes and feels like being independent.  No, much more independent than freeing oneself of a visit to Dunkin Donuts or driving still half asleep to the office cubicle.  This particular day is one of independence, one of starting one’s own world-recognized state.

It’s much more streamlined (and difficult) than one may think.  For example, if you don’t (at least) have 160 followers, don’t even bother.  Secondly, despite ongoing public relations and agreement from other nations, some nations, such as Taiwan and Cyprus, are recognized as independent only by some world powers.

Additionally, one must consider a national anthem (You don’t need your own; Cyprus borrows its anthem from Greece.) as well as how to go about distributing money (If you don’t have the initial funds for printing presses, one can outsource the service to another country.)  Oh, yes, you must also provide your citizens with an original constitution.  If you don’t like the first draft, you can always revise; the Dominican Republic has revised its constitution 32 times.  Length of the Constitution doesn’t matter; America has the shortest with about 4,000 words.

Don’t feel like pledging allegiance today?  You don’t have to, but you do have to pay attention to the following needs before starting your own country.

How To Start Your Own Country


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